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Healthy Soul Email

Healthy Soul provides an exciting, interactive and "continuous improvement" model for all Christians everywhere. We invite you to lead your group into this fast-growing forum where we can all look into our souls to discover our true, God-given identities in Jesus Christ.

Healthy Soul recognizes that no two people are alike - or are at the same place in their spiritual growth. Each person has his or her own prioritized set of specific needs that may also change over time. "Healthy Soul Email" is a dynamic email system that sends different, targeted Scriptural and Spiritual messages to each person in your group at the highest point of their need, and adapts to their changing needs over time.

Healthy Soul Break-ThroughEvery registered person in your group will receive a customized, periodic email from Healthy Soul at a time of day that they've indicated is most convenient for them. This periodic email always contains Biblical Scripture, a "Healthy Soul Food" explanation of important points relating to the Biblical Scripture and a helpful Prayer suggestion. There are even links to additional spiritual content like articles, pictures and videos! Each email also contains a simple survey question that helps Healthy Soul determine how to best customize future content to fit that specific person's current situation.

For each person, it just gradually gets better and better...

And there's much more!

You can additionally use the "Healthy Soul Email" service to remind your own congregation about church worship service times, educational opportunities, special events, announcements, prayer requests, staff changes and any other type of short message that you'd like to share with them this week!

Healthy Soul also provides statistical charts and graphs that aggregate your subscribers' responses to compare with global Healthy Soul responses. These charts and graphs are assembled in a way that can ultimately help Pastors develop content for their own congregations.

For more information, please send email to Pastor Leo Tyler (leo@healthysoul.org).