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"Healthy Soul" was created by Leo Tyler, a Methodist Minister who specializes in leading people into a healthy, balanced, mature and fulfilled life.

The Healthy Soul process literally saved his own life!Leo Preaching

He was lying in bed the summer of 1994 with chest pains so severe he couldn't move. Leo is, and has always been a very energetic person. In high school, he ran track, played football, and graduated valedictorian of his class. He was known for his determination.

But here he was, flat on his back, unable to move. The doctor discovered a heart murmur. At the time, Leo was working five jobs, not getting enough rest, and ministering until he was exhausted. He didn't realize how badly his body was being ravaged by the stress he had been putting on himself.

So he put a plan into action to recover physically. Within that year, he slowed down, began exercising, and tried to do everything he knew to get healthy again. One year later, feeling 100% better, he made two appointments. First, he went to back to the doctor and was given a clean bill of health. His second appointment was with God to verbalize his weariness and frustration. Having already done all he knew to do to help himself and his congregation, Leo had to admit that he did not have the tools or wisdom needed.

So with God's guidance, Leo began studying and investigating why certain negative behaviors were so prevalent within himself and within our society. That research revealed an underlying common thread: most people, no matter what their background or affiliation, desire to develop morally. Too often, however, they simply don't know how.

The concepts of Healthy Soul were birthed out of a desire to help himself and others develop a morally guided life with Jesus Christ at the center.

Before God gave him this insight, Leo described his life as a roller coaster - up one day, down the next. He felt very condemned when he did something wrong, and it was not the healthy kind of guilt that brings conviction, but the kind that makes you feel you are worthless and don't deserve anything. Healthy Soul helped Leo escape the roller coaster of life. He has become a new person and wants to share with you how you can experience the same joy in your own life. Your perceptions will change about yourself and all those around you.

For Leo, Healthy Soul has meant a better life, a healthier marriage, a healthier relationship with his son and with his 11 brothers and sisters. You too, can develop vital relationships that are impossible if your can't trust yourself or anyone else. Healthy Soul means a fulfillment of what you had always hoped life could be, and so much more. You will become more of what God wants you to be!

When Leo was asked to reflect on his almost 20-year experience with Healthy Soul, he said, "I've seen hurts from the past corrected to the point that they no longer exist. For myself and for thousands of others, it has helped us experience a fullness of life and a true sense of peace."

Healthy Soul is a tool that can actually pull from inside you your true God-given identity. The process works, and Healthy Soul continues to work as it changes people's lives every day.