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Have you ever wondered why you act the way you do and why you continue acting out Healthy Soul Break-Through certain destructive behaviors the way you do?

Well wonder no longer.

Healthy Soul is the solution to the lack of on-going, Christ-based, integrated processes for healthy living and lifestyle change. People are struggling with limited growth in the areas of personal relationships, physical health, financial success, sexual well-being and purpose. This struggle is caused by fears, hurts and confusion of identity, resulting in an unfulfilled life.

The Healthy Soul process:
1) Helps individuals discover themselves,
2) Helps individuals understand why they do what they do,
3) Empowers individuals to live free like never before, and
4) Gives individuals the means of maintaining that freedom, resulting in a happy and healthy Christ-based life.

Over the years, Healthy Soul has helped many individuals pinpoint why they do what they do. Now this fast, online "Instant Soul Check" can help you sort through some of the obstacles of life so that you, too, can begin moving forward with more success.

Try this.

Select one item below that best describes the predominate fear, hurt, or negative feeling that you have had frequently within the last three months. Take your time, and be careful to select the item that has been bothering you the most. Think of the following statement and fill in the blank:

Recently, I have been feeling ____________ more than usual.
Rejectedconsidered useless or unsatisfactory to other people
Undisciplinedlacking routine; not regulating thoughts and conduct
Insecureuncertain about the future; afraid of harm
Corruptedinfluenced by others to think or do wrong
Condemnedjudged and found guilty of wrong-doing
Humiliatedpublicly disgraced; shamed
Unappreciatednot recognized as worthy and important
Abandoneddeserted; left alone
Hopelessfeeling that nothing you desire will happen
Dependentrelying too much on another for help or support
Controlledunder the complete authority of another
Unhappylack of joy; general discontentment
Inconfidentnot being sure of your own abilities
Sorrowfulprolonged feelings of sadness and regret
Wearyyour patience and tolerance are almost exhausted
Unsettledlost state of quietness; not calm