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Many people are tired of hearing what they should do to live a holy life and then being left on their own to figure out how to apply it.Confused?

Healthy Soul is a tool that meets a person right where they are, and then actually shows them how they can grow. God wants us to grow.

"Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prosperth." 3 John 2

Even if you think you've grown so much that you can't grow any more, this process will help you see there is more. If you want more, this process is for you. This process is not easy, but it is simple. You can do it. We'll show you how, one step at a time.

Many of us hide behind walls of fear, anger, mistrust, addictions, and so many other things in an effort to protect ourselves from the world around us. Some of us are not ready for change - that is okay. However, if you are looking for help, if you're interested in personal spiritual development, this process is like a flower of hope being thrown over your wall, because a better life is truly possible.

Leo Tyler, the creator of Healthy Soul, still has difficulties and struggles himself, so he tells people, "I'm a healthy soul, not a perfect soul." He is still trying just like everyone else. But he has lived in freedom long enough that others can benefit from his experience.

By engaging yourself in the Healthy Soul Process, you will learn a lot about yourself. You will first need to realize the truth about who you are and to recognize the lie of what you thought was the truth. Then, you will begin to understand how to navigate awayNew Friends from the negative forces that are lined up against you every day, and move toward a positive life centered around the Holy Spirit. Becoming a "Healthy Soul" is all about experiencing God's grace through Jesus Christ, and having the tools available to help you live a victorious, free life. It is one step at a time, but it can happen. Let us guide you through this process, show you how to get the power of choice back into your hands so that you no longer have to live as a victim of your circumstances.

Please understand that this is not about making you perfect. You cannot fix or eradicate your false identity, but you can drain it of energy to the point that it is rendered inactive, ineffective and inoperative. It is a process of continual growth - "we are always getting better." As you engage this process, keep in mind that you will get healthier if you continue working the process with the grace and power of God. Don't look for an overnight miracle - it takes time. Stay focused on the goal. And don't get so caught up in trying to be perfect that you don't get to enjoy being healthy.

Enjoy your journey to becoming a Healthy Soul!