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Next, think about which unhealthy behavior best describes your worst actions within the last three months. Think of the following statement and fill in the blank:

For the past 3 months, I have had a tendency to become ______ more than I would like.
Angrylosing temper; showing displeasure toward someone or something
Withdrawnpulling away; to become unattached and uninterested
Confrontationalstanding boldly against; openly opposing
Frustratedto feel persistently stopped from doing something
Arrogantbeing too proud of yourself; boastful
Indecisiveputting off decisions; procrastinating
Drivencompelled to work hard on something at all costs
Possessivehaving a selfish desire to have or hold as your own property
Jealousresentful or suspicious of someone else's advantages, possessions
Rebelliousresisting or defying authority
Unfaithfulcheating or planning to cheat on spouse
Deceitfultelling lies or making someone believe as true something that is false
Stubbornfixed in purpose or opinion; inflexible and intolerant
Distrustingnot believing in or lacking confidence in someone or something
Impureperforming abnormal sexual practices or viewing pornography
Profanecursing and using unholy language
Obsessedthinking constantly of an addictive activity (drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc.)