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Earlier you indicated that you recently have felt more than usual.

Now, think of the following statement and fill in the blank (it's okay to think of the specific person by name).

My SpouseHusband or Wife; could be Boyfriend or Girlfriend
My Ex-SpouseEx-husband or Ex-wife; Ex-boyfriend or Ex-girlfriend
My ParentFather or Mother
My ChildrenSon or Daughter
My SiblingSister or Brother
My RelativeCousin, Aunt, Uncle, Niece, Nephew, Grandparent
My BossSupervisor (could be more than one)
My Co-WorkerSomeone you work with occasionally or every day
My FriendA person you care for and who cares for you
MyselfMe, myself and I
GodThe Creator and Supreme Being
The GovernmentElected officials, judges and/or other governing bodies