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Welcome to Healthy Soul - a place where you can safely look into your soul to discover your own, true God-given identity in Jesus Christ!

Healthy Soul provides an exciting, interactive and "continuous improvement" model for all Christians everywhere.Christian Cross We invite you into this fast-growing forum where you will see how your feelings and thoughts power your actions, and your consistent actions determine your destiny.

Healthy Soul is in no way intended to replace pastoral or professional counseling or involvement in a local church. It is designed to work within the local church in conjunction with pastoral and professional counseling to help you grow and gain the healing you desire.

Unconditional acceptance is our highest value, and this means you are never judged or condemned here. Instead, Healthy Soul offers a completely non-threatening process of assessing your thoughts and feelings to help you understand why you do what you do.

Healthy Soul's techniques are proven to increase life satisfaction, and you will become energized by learning how to "Power Up", "Unload", and "Soar" on a daily basis.

We offer a solution that brings more than a one-day temporary satisfaction and comfort. Over time, healing occurs and the pain is relieved. Christians, driven to constantly improve themselves, often get involved in self-help programs only to achieve limited growth when the solutions exclude the grace and power of the Lord. Healthy Soul is a comprehensive, Christ-based solution that offers healing, stops the addictive self-help cycle and leads to unlimited growth.

We recognize that no two people are alike - or are at the same place in their spiritual growth. But we all have a common goal: We all want to live a meaningful and joyful life!

Healthy Soul provides a secure way for you to track your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors over time in an effort to help you recognize your own specific triggers. You can see your development and you can keep track of your own personal and spiritual growth.

Try warming up with Healthy Soul's eye-opening "Instant Soul Check". For many, it's an "Ah-ha!" moment you won't want to miss.

We'll see you inside!